25 Prospect Street is the incredible story of how Valerie Jensen, an unshakable former school teacher transformed an abandoned bank into the Prospector Theater: a state-of-the-art movie palace that provides unprecedented opportunities for people with disabilities and a real shot at being successful and self-sufficient for the first time in their lives.

Director Kaveh Taherian tracks the emotional first year of the fledgling cinema, while following the missteps and giant leaps of the new recruits—many of whom are earning their first paychecks. Along the way, the growing distance between Valerie and her younger sister Hope—who has Down syndrome and was the original inspiration for the Prospector—proves an even greater challenge: Hope has goals of her own which don't involve working at the theater, or even spending time with her sister.

25 Prospect Street offers a thoughtful and surprisingly humorous portrait of the Prospector team and the birth of a small business—one that is simultaneously on the brink of failure and on the cusp of serving as a new national model of how to put talented people to work.





Charismatic with a capital C, Kris can never hold himself back when he sees a camera. He dreams about being a manager for the WWE, and hopes that a job at the Prospector will lead to him being more than just a grocery bagger.



The creative visionary of the Prospector, Val’s outgoing and colorful demeanor are the driving force behind the theater. Her commitment to the disability community runs deep, having grown up with a younger sister who has Down syndrome.



With a penchant for dry wit, Hope couldn’t be more different than her older sister Val. She takes pride in working multiple jobs, but has little interest in becoming a Prospect. She’s more interested in walking her own path.



A talented artist, Rachel is known for her directness and radical transparency, which sometimes makes it hard for her to get along with others. But by being taken out of her comfort zone, she is soon able to make leaps and bounds beyond even her mother’s wildest dreams.



Markie’s smile always lights up a room. A social butterfly, it’s sometimes hard to keep him focused on his responsibilities. But his drive to be part of the team pushes him through some serious growing pains.



Shy and introverted, Daniel’s life goes through a huge transformation when he is hired as an usher. Suddenly being around so many outgoing people starts to rub off on him.



The Prospector Theater, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities through the operation of a premium, first-run movie theater located in the heart of historic downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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